Did you know that YouTube is currently the second most popular search engine in the world? Well, it is technically owned by the first search engine, which is Google. But this is not minor data, because the more Gothic channels we are able to find in the most important search engines in the world, the more access will regular people will have to amazing Gothic content finely curated and ready to transform pop-lovers into Gothic ifluencers (haha!). Just like the dedicated media, websites and blogs, the future Gothic Rock artist that will shake the charts shall come from YouTube.

The Lair Of Voltaire

This Youtube Channel with more than 120 thousand subscriptions is the home of actor, musician and influential character Aurelio Voltaire, who has composed songs, made up voices and made all kinds of contributions to Cartoon Network animations. He is also a recording and touring international artist. He puts all his own music up on his page and has several columns. One of them, the most awkward one is “Gothic Homemaking” in which he teaches people how to transform their house into a gothic lair.

Gothic Rock Official

A less popular channel entirely dedicated to the promotion of Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Cold Wave and Alternative Gothic Rock, this channel has a little over four thousand subscribers. They feature lots of Gothic music as well as interviews, researches, parts of radio emissions on subjects as the Necronomicon, live band videos, new arrivals of records, giveaways and many more interesting events. This channel is a great one to have handy and leave on random reproduction to get an entire day of Gothic Rock uninterrupted.

Angela Benedict

This is one channel that I am particularly fond of. She has a little over 48 thousand subscribers, which make her a pretty popular girl in the site and what she does is tell hilarious stories through fun videos of how life was being a Goth teenager in the 90s. She does these great crossovers between the US and the UK and also between then and now with a dark sense of humor that is simply amazing. She is also an actress and a fashion designer, which makes the channel even more interesting. There is not a lot of music (except for background) but it is definitely a must-check for a good time.

Vampy And Family

This is quite a fun one too since this girl “Vampy Candy” turned her entire family into a fantasy vampire group of people, including her children. She claims not to be a traditional vampire, but a “real life vampire mom” which I think is a great concept. She is very funny and so is her family, the videos are not the highest quality but will definitely make you laugh more than once. I recommend this one not for the music, but for some gothic fun.

Bret Helm’s Life On This Planet Blog

This is a completely music-oriented Vlog that is dedicated to the analog side of the music. He tests music that comes out, whether it is a new record, cassette, or CD. When I got to the channel the first thing I saw was that the guy was wearing an “Unknown Pleasures” t-shirt, wearing glasses, a small beard and it hit me right away. He reviews cool music Goth and non-Goth, so it is an awesome place to find new bands and favorites.

Goth Salon With Skullgirdle And Friends

This lady might seem a little cuckoo at first, but she is really a lovely person and with a little over nine thousand subscribers on her channel, she must be doing a thing or two right. She is an old woman with her hair dyed full-on fuchsia, some very funny glasses and state-of-the-art make up. She takes her channel very seriously and some of the clips are just completely hilarious. Her playlist for the “Favorite 80s songs” is amazingly complete and her gaming skills are very serious. It is a great channel to check out for some laugh, music and miscellaneous entertainment.