I only use Facebook I don´t mess with any other platform in the social media scene like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and all those nonsenses. I love the old-school approach of having the feed in my homepage and joining the groups that call my attention and that is about it. Here go my recommendations for the best Facebook groups you can apply for and get the best news and content from the big bands like The Cure and small, upcoming wonders.

Temple Of Goth ~ Gothic Rock Worldwide

This is a cool, medium to small group with a little over 2,500 members that is completely dedicated to Gothic Rock news all over the world. In their description they say that they talk about the glorious first wave from the eighties and then the other two. They have a strict rule against non-guitar kind of electro Goth, which I think is awesome.

80s New-Wave, Post Punk, Synthpop, Goth Rock

Everything in one place? Yes, everything in one place, this amazing group is made of all people who love the power of the songs throughout the genres like me! There is a pretty harsh policy about spamming that I think is really cool and a lot of people posting bands I hadn´t heard of but are great (most of the time).

Goth’s: Music. Post-Punk. Gothic-Rock

With almost two thousand members, it is a medium-sized group that holds together people who love a little heavier stuff than other groups. They discuss dark bands and there are a lot of fashion items and also cool videos of bands that we all know and love. There are two administrators that have held it together for almost seven years and are really knowledgeable.

Dark ’80s

Truly a huge community of dark 80s loving people with almost 200 thousand people discussing about the matter all the time and posting amazing videos. It is not really a group, but a fanpage; just that it is so popular that people has turned it into a chatting place. They offer clothing, magazines and many era-correct items for sale.

Dark Wave Community Friends

This is another huge group of almost sixty thousand members and is completely dedicated to the Dark Wave lovers in the world. The discussions in it are awesome; there are really high chances of getting to meet people and new bands. It was also created almost seven years ago and feature lots of cool events in the genre that people can go to and have fun mostly in Europe. If you happen to live there and/or go there for a visit, it is important to check out their “Events” section to know exactly where to go for the best parties and live bands.


Does the Post-Punk website have social media presence? Well, of course it does. It is called the same way and has an amazing follow of two hundred and twenty five thousand members! It is quite an amazing number considering the fact that it is a website dedicated to a genre that is not so mainstream at all. They feature some of the same things that they do on the site like news, video content, Interviews, podcasts that cover Post-Punk classics as well as Revival bands. There is a cool section too in which they stream bands from inspired genres like New-Wave, Indie, Gothic, Art-Punk, Minimal Electro, Cold-Wave and Shoegaze. If you happen to be a person who transcends the ideas of genres and instruments and can see a good song shine through any or all of them, then this is definitely the place for you.

Social Media accounts to get info can be a tad short because you will only be seeing what they want to show you and not finding out about the entire spectrum of news. It is a great place to dive in and, in some cases, get to talk to the main characters of the scene hand to hand. Go there, like all the pages, join all the groups and then you can discard the ones that are not fulfilling. It is completely free.