There are plenty of places where to find music these days. I used to go to specialized record stores, by saying I, I mean we, because it was an awesome place to hang out and talk music with people who was like-minded. From those hang outs and occasional going out to genre bars, many bands were formed. The good old days were like that, more spontaneous. These days if I want to hear new music I either go to some of the blogs I will describe below, or to Spotify and do a genre search.


As many social networks, Spotify is based on an algorithm that “reads” your movements and tastes and tries to offer you bands that are like the ones you love, but that you have never heard before. This is what they do for you creating a brand-new playlist on a weekly basis and giving it the name (depending on the country and language of choice) “Weekly Discovery”. This is one of the ways I use to find more music in the genres I love, I play more Gothic and Post-Punk bands on Spotify. In fact, I sometimes search for bands and songs I love on purpose, so the algorithm finds out and acts in consequence. So, place number one: Spotify “Weekly Discovery” (or similar).

This is another page that has a kind of “discover” section named “New Releases” and is entirely dedicated to Post-Punk records and compilations. Besides music, they also feature interviews, reviews on books, live shows and any eventual news that can take you to new music. They offer you the option to subscribe to their newsletter in which case you won´t even have to go to their website, the information flies into your mailbox on a weekly basis and you can then check on the highlights or simply continue your week discovering music somewhere else if nothing seems interesting enough.


This is a music site dedicated to music entirely. It has a great platform that works upon the user reviews. There, the site members give one to five stars to the music piece and then the page creates a ranking. There is a “browse genres” tab that is absolutely amazing. These guys really worked hard to put such an exhaustive list together and make so precise definitions for the artists and the music featured on the page. It is in alphabetic order and if you go to the “Gothic” selection it will automatically find you 1109 bands at the present moment. Below the featured bands you have a space for users´ recent reviews in which you see the star-ranking of the latest additions. It doesn´t end there, on the right you get the “top rated albums of 2017” for any given genre, including Gothic.

I usually use SputnikMusic to find what bands I should look for to listen on my Spotify and put that algorithm to work for me. It´s the twenty first century, right? We don´t get to hang out at the record store, but we have an algorithm to do some work for us.