Genre & Origin

Gothic Genre: Then And Now

What would it be of the world without that magic decade called the 1980s? Let´s take a moment and praise the changes in the music world that happened back then and saved some of our lives…

Origin And Pioneers Of Darkwave Genre

The Dark Wave genre is the European response to the rest of the world in the matter of New Wave and other electronically driven music. The biggest difference between the Dark Wave and the Gothic Rock …

Top Post-Punk Artists – 21 Century


This band has a band that was formed in London in 2011


This band is a bit more modern, a bit noisier, but just as powerful as Savages.


This is a Canadian band from Montreal that takes on a mix of Mark and Ian over gentle.


This band has received as many labels as a band can humanly receive mainly.

Where To Find

Gothic & Post-Punk Music


As many social networks, Spotify is based on an algorithm that “reads” your movements and tastes and tries to offer you bands that are like the ones you love, but that you have never heard before.

This is another page that has a kind of “discover” section named “New Releases” and is entirely dedicated to Post-Punk records and compilations .


This is a music site dedicated to music entirely. It has a great platform that works upon the user reviews. There, the site members give one to five stars to the music piece and then the page creates a ranking.

Detention Girls

A true inspiration to all good gothic music – women. We all know them, we all love them… but is this the case with this series? Detention Girls is all about teaching a lesson. In old-fashioned physical matter. These girls don’t behave well, they lack of manners and these guys are fed up with them. Now it’s time to act! Stream free videos here!

BBCPie is something new in the Internet. While creampie genre of entertainment has been pretty popular you never saw it with these black hung guys. Recorded in 4K HD you are see every little detail of the action. And believe us, there is lots to see! Are you ready? Follow this link and enter now!

Family Swap

Family Swap is a social phenomenon that’s taking the entertainment industry by storm. You probably have no idea what’s the deal all about so has been created. The guys behind the project – Nubiles crew – brings you 4 families who share members between themselves. All that to have some satisfaction as well as procreate and create a 5th family in the process! - Adult Time

Transfixed is our latest addition. Under umbrella of Adult Time Network this brand launched back in 2019 with its unique approach to the transgender niche. The pilot series brought enormous success because of stunning quality and world’s most-known names. Now in 2021 is making a big comeback with fresh episodes and even more naughty taboo fantasies.

Streaming Services

Our Hall of Fame – 2022/23


Adult Time Pilots – discover the next big thing in adult entertainment scene. Discover and explore trends, give us some feedback and be a witness of history in making.

Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock – when it comes to the rough BBC content you can’t find better than this. From Bangbros here it comes – the clash of white tiny chicks versus some of the biggest black guys!

TransAngels - Series

Trans Angels – what would world be without those smoking hot transgender beauties? Watch them coming straight from TS heaven to provide the best of both worlds.

Noir Male

Noir Male – hottest black males on the market are showing their true inner desires when it comes to engagement with other males, no matter the ethnicity.

Rocco Siffredi

Rocco Siffredi – Rocco has been around for years but his home is brand new. Watch his current and upcoming productions in one place. For free. This is how confident he is about quality of fun he just keeps providing!

Dancing Bear Parties

Dancing Bear – the wildest parties ever recorded. See how bunch of horny ladies take care of male strippers on bachelorette parties and any other sorts of social gatherings!

Dare Dorm

Dare Dorm – daring girls and guys from college has never been so fun!

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About Me

This is my lair and my name is IKON. I listen to Dark Wave, Post-Punk, and Gothic music and love everything related to that sub culture. I lived it first hand when I was very young, because my dad was a diplomatic and we used to travel around the world as a family a lot. Afterwards my parents got divorced and it was all a big mess, but there was a time we were staying in Europe for six months.


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The Marcus King Band Prepares For New Release

The Marcus King Band Prepares For New Release

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Where To Find The Latest Gothic And Post-Punk Music?

Where To Find The Latest Gothic And Post-Punk Music?

There are plenty of places where to find music these days. I used to go to specialized record stores, by saying I, I mean we, because it was an awesome place to hang out and talk music with people who was like-minded. From those hang outs and occasional...

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JD Twitch To Release Post-Punk Compilation

JD Twitch To Release Post-Punk Compilation

Optimo Espacio was the name of a club that was located in the capital city of Scotland: Glasgow. It opened only on Sunday nights and had a weekly party every Sunday between 1997 and 2010. The attendance was very abundant, and the resident DJs became very...

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Music Artists


This is very much a blur zone. Unlike the Gothic Music that we reviewed earlier, there are many misinterpretations on the term: Post-Punk. There are some individuals out there mistaking Free Jazz, Noise-Rock, Grunge…


Without the shadow of a doubt, the biggest, most important, gothic band in the history of music is The Cure. They have found a way of staying relevant after so many years and still tour to full arenas and playing sets…