About Me

This is my lair and my name is IKON

I listen to Dark Wave, Post-Punk, and Gothic music

I love everything
related to that sub-culture

I lived it first hand when I was very young, because my dad was a diplomatic and we used to travel around the world as a family a lot. Afterwards my parents got divorced and it was all a big mess, but there was a time we were staying in Europe for six months.

Share Info And Experiences

IKON’s Space

I can say that I am a proud listener of Goth Rock, Dark Wave and Post-Punk and that those music styles saved my life when I was alone in a far continent with people I didn´t know and didn´t even speak my language. I am so thankful for those amazing times that I created this space, IKON´s space to share info and experiences with others who love the same music I do.

Step into my lair and be fearless, we are freaks but we have a lot of love to give.

How do it start?

My Story

I was away from home that I was having a terrible time

I was so bored being a teenager, away from home, my friends, my stuff that I was having a terrible time. I attended a school in Paris and by chance the only classmate who really spoke English was this boy named Bastien. He was quite strange and would show up every morning with his face white as snow and his hair black as the night. He was a freak, I could tell at the distance. I´m a freak too and even if I wasn´t, they are the coolest people in the planet who don´t mess with others just because. You will never expect bullying from a freak.

We became friends naturally with Bastien

We became friends naturally with Bastien and he invited me to a party and I said “of course” I was so bored I would have gone to see a tennis match on Saturday night. We went to this club in which the music was loud, and the lights were really low. Bastien looked nothing like he did in school, he was wearing some hairspray and big shoes and was all dressed in dark colors with the face pristine white. I was on my regular clothes and felt completely out of place.

Bastien presented me his friends

I remember perfectly everything that was going on around me. Bastien presented me his friends and luckily all of them knew how to speak English. They listened to their favorite bands in that language and picked up words, so they were asking me things like “is it ok if I say…” I felt powerful, the owner of the knowledge and that made me smile. When the band finally came to the stage I was completely blown away. We were in this kind of a Gothic Club and the band playing wasn´t at all minimalistic, they had quite a show with a big hair and some age-correct clothing. I had never seen anything like it and my jaw dropped to the floor while my new friends didn´t seem so amazed by it, to them it was common, I guess.

For the following four months I became great friends with Bastien

For the following four months I became great friends with Bastien and we went out together a lot to see some amazing bands. I met the entire post-punk, dark wave (incipient) and gothic rock scene of Paris in the mid-eighties. I was in the eye of the storm and surrounded by people who knew very well what was going on. When my six months in Paris were over, I was disheartened and what had started as a nightmare, ended up being a dream.

Back Home

I was such a freak people didn´t know what to do with me


I had brought my record collection home and was dancing alone in my room on Saturday nights. I grew up in Washington area; there was no place to go to listen to that music by then. As soon as I could, I moved to New York to start my new life as a college boy (I am an engineer) and fell in love with the Big Apple going to all the darkest places with my extremely-white face and my hair dyed really dark. I went to see big bands like The Cure countless times and also smaller ones and returned to Paris very often for the next years. Sadly, Bastien had a drug overdose with tranquilizers he stole from his mom and died shortly after I had moved to NYC.