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albums and DVDs
A Line on a Dark Day DVD
2010 Nile Records

Love, Hate and Sorrow
2009 Nile Records, Apollyon, Vendetta

The Burden of History
2007 Equinoxe/Nile Records

Destroying the World to Save It
2005 Equinoxe

From Angels to Ashes
2003 Nile Records

On the Edge of Forever
2001 Apollyon/ Metropolis

This Quiet Earth
1998 Apollyon/ Metropolis



singles and EPs 1998-2010

Broken Windows 12" w/The Victim's Ball
2010 Nile Records

2010 Nile Records

Torn Apart
2010 Nile Records

Amongst the Runes EP
2008 Nile Records


League of Nations EP
2007 Nile Records

Without Shadows
2006 Nile Records

2005 Equinoxe

Sanctuary 7" w/ House of Usher
2005 Equinoxe


I Never Wanted You
2004 Nile Records

Psychic Vampire EP
2004 Nile Records

2003 Nile Records

Afterlife (CD)
2002 Nile Records

Afterlife 7" vinyl
2002 Nile Records

Blue Snow Red Rain 10" vinyl
2001 Apollyon

The Shallow Sea part 1
2000 Nile Records
The Shallow Sea part 2
2000 Apollyon


1999 Apollyon

Reality is Lost
1999 Apollyon


1998 Apollyon
1998 Metropolis
Ghost in my Head EP
1998 Apollyon



Dawn of the Ikonoclast
1999 Apollyon
The Final Experience
1997 Apollyon
Flowers for the Gathering
1996 Apollyon/ Metropolis/Nile
A Moment in Time
1995 Apollyon/ Metropolis
In the Shadow of the Angel
1994 Apollyon/ Metropolis

As Time Goes By
2007 Nile Records/Equinoxe





Life Without End
1996 Apollyon


In a Lonely Place
1995 Apollyon
Condemnation 7" single
1995 Apollyon
The Echoes of Silence CD
1994 Nile
The Echoes of Silence 7"
1994 Nile
Why 7 "vinyl
1992 Nile


compilation appearances

This list is by no means complete. We can't keep up with the number of compilations that have been released that contain IKON over the years.If anyone has any CDs not listed here, just let us know. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Acoustica Noir
Angelwings 2004
Track featured: 'The Shallow Sea' (acoustic version)

Attrition Directive
Hearse Records Australia 1999
Track featured: 'The Shallow Sea' (original demo version)
This track is exclusive for this release.

Australian Independent Darkwave Vol. 1
Crash Frequency 2005
Track featured: 'Psychic Vampire'
From the EP Psychic Vampire

Australian Independent Darkwave Vol. 2
Crash Frequency 2006
Tracks featured: 'Sunset at Golgotha' and 'Ghost in My Head' (Adam Calaitzis mix)

Black Bible
Cleopatra Records U.S.A 1998
Track featured: 'Subversion III'
This is the U.S single version of Subversion which was the third one recorded hence III.

Candles and Intrigue
Left as in Sinister Australia 1994
Track featured: 'Echoes of Silence'
From the CD The Echoes of Silence

Candles and Intrigue vol two
Left as in sinister Australia 1994
Track featured: 'Lifeless(single version)'
From the CD single 'Lifeless'.

Children of the Damned
A tribute to The Damned
Apollyon Records Germany 1997
Track featured: 'Just Can't be Happy Today'

A tribute to Joy Division
Mere Mortal Productions U.S.A 1995
Track featured: 'Shadowplay'

Dark Awakening Volume 5
COP International 2006
Track featured: ‘Time Against Time’ (demo)

Dark Eyed and Starry They Were
Heartland Records Australia 1996
Track featured: 'Answers to Nothing' (exclusive version)





Dark Eyed and Starry Vol. II
Heartland Records Australia 1998
Track featured: 'Subversion II'
From the German CD single 'Subversion'.

Doom & Gloom
Gloomy Prophecies German 2001
Track featured: 'The Shallow Sea' (single version)
From the German/Australian CD single 'The Shallow Sea'.

Metropolis Records U.S.A 2000
Track featured: 'A Triumph of My Will' (exclusive track)

Eurorock Festival VL
Zoomshot Germany 2001
Track featured: 'Fine Line' (album version)
From the CD On the Edge of Forever.

Ghosts from the Darkside
Purple Flower Germany 1999
Track featured: 'Ghost in my Head' (album version)
From the CD This Quiet Earth

Gothic Compilation Part XXVIII
Batbeliever Releases 2005
Track featured: 'Without Shadows'
From Destroying the World to Save It

Gothic Magazine Compilation 40 2008
Track featured: 'Hindsight' from League of Nations

Cleopatra Records U.S.A 1994
Track featured: 'Exit'

Goths' Paradise
Orkus German 1999
Track featured: 'In too Deep'
From the EP Ghost in my Head.

Goths' Paradise III
Orkus Germany 1999
Track featured: 'Victim of Hate'
From the limited edition 2-CD This Quiet Earth

Hex Files vol 3
Credo German 1998
Track featured: 'Temple of Light' (album version)
From the CD This Quiet Earth.

Hunter’s Moon
Dark Horizons 2006
Track featured: ‘My Crucible’
From the CD Destroying the World to Save It




Chapter 2000 Released 1999
Track featured: 'Fall Apart'(demo version)

Life is too Short for Boring Music
EFA German 1994
Track featured: 'Condemnation' (album version)
From the CD In the Shadow of the Angel

Living for Music
Dischordia Germany 1995
Track featured: 'Reality is Lost' (live from The Esplanade Hotel 26.11.94)

New Dark Age Volume 1
Strobelight Austria
Track featured 'Ghost in My Head'

New Dark Age Volume 3
Strobelight Records 2005
Track featured: ‘I Never Wanted You’ (single version)
From the EP Psychic Vampire

New Face of Apollyon
Apollyon Records Germany 1997
Tracks featured: 'The Disappeared' (exclusive track) & 'Stranger I've Become' (1997 remix)

New Signs and Sounds
Zillo 2005
Track featured: 'Without Shadows'
From Destroying the World to Save It

Opus Collective
SSI Communications Australia 1995
Tracks featured: 'Condemnation' (remix) and 'Betrayal' (original version)
'Condemnation' is from the CD single 'In a Lonely Place'

Opus Collective vol II
SSI Communication Australia 1996
Track featured: 'Sleepless'(single version)
From the German CD single 'Life Without End'.

Orkus Best of 1999
Orkus Germany 1999
Track featured: 'Reality is Lost' (single version)
This is the 1999 single version.

Orkus Club Hits vol 2
Orkus Germany 2001
Track featured: 'The Shallow Sea' (single version)
From the CD single 'The Shallow Sea'.


Orkus Presents the Very Best of the '90s.
Germany 2004
Track featured: Condemnation 7"

Our Voices – A Tribute to the Cure
Irond 2005
Track featured: ‘A Strange Day’

Pagan Love Songs Antitainment Compilation Vol. 2
Alice In... 2009
Track featured: ‘Echoes of Silence 2009'


Palace of Worms
Palace of Worms Italy 1996
Track featured: 'Somewhere Else' (album version)
From the album Flowers for the Gathering.

Passion of Covers
A Tribute to Bauhaus
Cleopatra Records U.S.A 1995
Track featured: 'She's in Parties'

Pearls of Passion
Zoomshot Germany 1999
Tracks featured: 'Cry for Love' & the Crimes of Passion track 'No Order'
Cry for love is from the U.S single of 'Subversion' while 'No Order' was taken from the Crimes of Passion CD Rites of Burial.

Shattentanz I
Zoomshot Germany 2000
Track featured: 'Weisse Rosen'
Taken from the limited edition 2-CD This Quiet Earth.

The Spooky Halloween
Apollyon 2003
Track featured: 'Hallowed Ground' (exclusive version)

Touched by the Hand of Goth
Subterranean Germany 1995
Track featured: 'Condemnation' (album version)
From the album In the Shadow of the Angel.

Trancewerk Express vol 1
A tribute to Kraftwerk
Hypnotic U.S.A 1995
Track featured: 'The Model'

TV Terror
Cargo U.S.A 1997
Track featured: 'Gilligan's Island'
Originally recorded in 1994, should have been released then but there were major delays.

Viscera V. Zero
Luminal Records U.S.A. 2003
Track featured: 'Heresy' (demo version)
From the album Destroying the World to Save It

Zillo Club Hits
Zillo Germany 1996
Track featured: 'In a Lonely Place'
From the CD single 'In a Lonely Place'.

Zillo Club Hits vol 5
Zillo Germany 1999
Track featured: 'Lifeless '(single version)
From the CD single 'Lifeless' (not clubmix as stated!)