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The Shallow Sea (2000/1)

Tracklist (Australian version)
1. The Shallow Sea (single version)
2. As I Recall
3. Closing In (demo)
4. Fall Apart (live)
5. Reality is Lost (live)

Tracklist (German version)
1. The Shallow Sea (single version)
2. Elohim
3. Tear it Down (demo)
4. Im Spiegelzimmer
5. The Shallow Sea (acoustic)


Produced by Chris McCarter
Engineered and mixed by Adam Calaitzis
Band line-up: Chris McCarter, Dino Molinaro, Anthony Griffiths and David Burns

As the last three singles, 'Subversion', 'Ghost in my Head' and 'Lifeless', were more electronic in their sounds, Chris wanted the first single from the new album, On the Edge of Forever, to have a rock sound to reflect the new, revitalised band line-up. Two versions were simultaneously released, the Nile version for both the Australian and American market, and the Apollyon version for Europe. In hindsight, Chris regrets the idea of releasing two single versions as the tracks had to be decided before On the Edge of Forever was finished, leaving him less choice in original material for the album.

The German version includes a cover of Kraftwerk's 'The Hall of Mirrors', which Chris invited his German friend Hans Starke to translate and perform in spoken word.

CD in jewel case, Nile Records Australia, NIL007

CD in jewel case, Apollyon, Germany, Apo CD 20050