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Ghost in My Head

Ghost in My Head(1998)

1. Ghost in my Head (single mix)
2. The Angels Cry
3. Geistiges Erwachen
4. Temple of Light II
5. Gone but Not Forgotten
6. In Too Deep
7. Ghost in my Head (Mantz-On Mix)
8. Dub in My Head


Produced by Chris McCarter
Engineered and mixed by Chris McCarter
Band line-up: Chris McCarter, Dino Molinaro

Chris wrote and recorded many songs during 1997 and 1998. However, as he was not previously the main lyric writer in the band, he was struggling to provide words for all of them. As Chris was friends with David Sterry of Real Life and he was the band's photographer, Chris chose to give the music that was to become the song 'Ghost in my Head' to David in order for him to write some lyrics. The lyrics were written about the recent death of David's brother.

The song was influenced by artists such as Natasha Atlas and middle-Eastern pop music. It is also emblematic of Chris's conscious decision to move away from the endless Joy Division comparisons and embrace other styles of music. It was only after the album's release that people made comparisons of the music with EBM, a style that Chris was not familiar with at all.

Chris's sister, Susan (with whom he would later work on The Seventh Dawn), provided him with numerous sets of lyrics, one of which he used for 'In too Deep'. Chris's fiend Hans Starke had been writing poetry since the 1970s and gave Chris the lyrics to 'Gestiges Erwachen' and 'Temple of Light'.

CD in jewel case, Apollyon, Germany, Apo98043
Nile Records Europe, NRE03