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Subversion cover

Subversion (1998)

Tracklist (German version)
1. Subversion II
2. Decline of the Antichrist
3. Communion (remix)
4. Overcome
5. Dubversion

Tracklist (American version)
1. Subversion III
2. Cry for Love
3. The Glory of Justice
4. In Trust I Return
5. Condemnation (new version)
6. Time and Illusion


Produced by Chris McCarter
Engineered and mixed by Chris McCarter
Band line-up: Chris McCarter, Dino Molinaro

'Subversion' is a song about the state of the world, with its rampant corruption, war and deceit. The original music for the song was a jam that Chris for which Chris did the arrangement and wrote the lyrics in about ten minutes. One of IKON's most popular songs was one of the fastest to be written. This is also the first single to feature Chris on vocals and the first IKON song to enter the Deutsche Alternative Charts (peaking at number 5).

The German single through Apollyon was the original concept, however Metropolis in the United States came up with the idea to release their own version as a sampler also containing tracks from the two previous IKON albums, as well as unreleased material.

CD in jewel case, Apollyon, Germany, Apo98036
Metropolis, United States, MET087