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The Echoes of Silence (1994)

Tracklist (7", release date Jan. 1994)
Side A
1. Echoes of Silence
2. Devotion
Side B
3. Reality is Lost
4. So Far Away

Tracklist (CD single, release date Jul. 1994)
1. Echoes of Silence
2. Devotion
3. Reality is Lost
4. So Far Away
5. Fear
6. Is This my Destiny?
7. Dreaming
8. Echoes of Silence (Eternal)


Produced by Chris McCarter
Engineered and mixed by Trevor Carter (at Studio 52, Melbourne)
Band line-up: Chris McCarter, Dino Molinaro, Michael Carrodus

IKON went into the studio in July 1993 to record a song for a Melbourne new music sampler. The band recorded eight songs, and 'Dreaming' was chosen as the track for inclusion on the sampler. Chris was never really happy with the outcome of this session so he sat on the recordings until December 1993. He was bothered by the quality of the first single 'Why' and wanted to release something else that he would be more satisfied with. He chose four songs that better represented where the band was at after the departure of Maurice Molella.

Chris sent the CD version of 'Echoes of Silence' out to a number of German labels who promoted goth bands. Apollyon in Germany was impressed by the CD and were interested in hearing more material, thus beginning IKON's entry into the European goth market.

Vinyl, Nile Records, Australia, NILE 002. Limited edition of 300 copies on green, brown and purple vinyl.
CD in jewel case, Nile Records, Australia, NILE 003