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Why (1992)

Side A
1. Why
Side B
2. As Time Goes By (live)


Produced by Chris McCarter
Engineered and mixed by Sandro Barbagello
Band line-up: Chris McCarter, Dino Molinaro, Michael Carrodus, Maurice Molella

When Maurice first joined the band in October 1991, it became clear that the band's main objective was to release a single on vinyl. Up until January 1992, the band wrote a number of songs with this in mind. When IKON entered the studio in that month, they had an idea of what they wanted to record but the engineer overrode their decision and determined what songs they would record. Eight songs were recorded, and the band was unhappy with the result because the mixes were poor and not what the band had envisaged. 'As Time Goes By' was the song initially planned for the single, but the engineer accidentally erased part of the drum track, meaning that it could not be used at the time. The master reel began to deteriorate and was unusuable and the DAT tape had glitches in some songs, leaving only 'Why' as a usable track for a release. Even then, as Chris realised later, the snare drum is actually missing from the introduction to 'Why'. And so, the first IKON single was not born of choice, but in desperation to release something after the disastrous first recording session. The b-side was taken from a live recording that Chris made on New Year's Day in 1992.

Vinyl 7", Nile Records, Australia, NILE001
300 copies on black vinyl. 100 copies on white vinyl.