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Flowers for the Gathering (April 2011)

Disc one
1. Persuasion
2. Somewhere Else
3. Life Without End
4. Stranger I've Become
5. Into Your Madness
6. Camouflage Heart
7. In Trust I Return
8. Beyond Grey Skies
9. Call of Despair
10. On the Trail of Tears
11. For Eternity

Disc two (bonus)
1. Sleepless pt. 1
2. The Empty World
3. Answers to Nothing
4. The Gathering (unreleased)
5. Touch the Eyes of Blindness
6. Decline of the Anti-Christ
7. Everlasting
8. Betrayal
8. Still Remains II
9. Somewhere Else (in passing)
10. Sleepless (The Grey Mix)
11. Life Without End (remix)

Disc three (bonus)
1. Betrayal (rehearsal 1994)
2. Your Obsession (rehearsal 1994)
3. On a Mission (rehearsal 1994)
4. Eternal Sadness (instr. demo)
5. In Search Of (demo)
6. From a Distance (demo)
7. Inbetween (early demo)
8. Christmas on Easter Island
9. No Heaven or Hell (demo)
10. Sea of Tranquility (demo)
11. Call of Despair (demo)
12. Stranger I've Become (demo)
13. For Eternity (demo)

Disc four (bonus DVD)
1. Soundcheck
2. Condemnation
3. Towards Tomorrow
4. Black Roses
5. Into Your Madness
6. Reality is Lost
7. Somewhere Else
8. Love is Colder than Death
9. Life Without End
10. Echoes of Silence
11. For Eternity (live at Abyss, Melbourne, 22.3.1996)
12. Rehearsal, Troy Studios, Melbourne, 1995
13. Photo shoot, Hanging Rock

"Flowers For The Gathering had been one of Ikon's greatest achievements, having earned a cult status among goth fans. Rightly so, since this album was one of the strongest releases ever, in this particular genre, that is.I usually hate to use the term "classic", but this album is the exact definition of a classic/monumental/influential recording-something that stood the test of time,for sure.Therefore,not only I find Echozone's move into re-issuing some Ikon gems, a justified is my belief that recordings such as these, that helped to shape this scene,should be made widely available, thus introducing a whole new generation of fans to the sound of elder masterpieces."

Produced by Chris McCarter.
Engineered by Adam Calaitzis (CD1 and CD 2), Chris McCarter (CD 3).
Band line-up: Michael Carrodus, Chris McCarter, Dino Molinaro.

EZ11C596 - Echozone, Germany, 2-CD jewel case
FFTGCD4 - Nile Records, Australia, 3-CD + 1 DVD digipack

PYLON26 - Pylon Records, United States, coloured vinyl (green, red, blue, marble)