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In the Shadow of the Angel reissue (April 2011)

Disc 1
1. Condemnation
2. Lord of Darkness
3. Secrets Within
4. Fall Apart
5. Hallowed Ground
6. Black Roses
7. I’ve Been
8. Distant Memory
9. Truth
10. Suicide
11. Love is Colder than Death
12. In the Shadow of the Angel

Disc 2 (Bonus)
1. So Evil
2. Under the Watchful Eye (unreleased)
3. Exit
4. The Unmarked Grace (unreleased)
5. Headspin
6. Why
7. Never Ending (unreleased)
8. Alive (unreleased)
9. Towards Tomorrow
10. Never too Much
11. As Time Goes By
12. A Moment in Time
13. So Far Away
14. The Final Experience
15. A Moment in Time (reprise)

Disc 3 (Bonus)
1. Black Roses (demo)
2. Out of Time (instr. demo)
3. Waking Hour (demo)
4. Distant Memory (instr. demo)
5. Condemnation (demo)
6. When the Wind Blows (demo)
7. Truth (demo)
8. Love is Colder then Death (instr. sketch)
9. Trials of Remembrance (demo)
10. Exit (instr. demo)
11. Lord of Darknes (demo)
12. Forsaken (demo)
13. Hallowed Ground (demo)
14. From the Other Side (demo)
15. Fall Apart (demo)
16. Lyric (demo)

Disc 4 (Bonus video disc)
1. Echoes of Silence
2. I've Been
3. So Far Away
4. Distant Memory
5. Is This My Destiny?
6. Interview
7. Exit
8. Black Roses
9. Reality is Lost
10. Love is Colder than Death
11. Towards Tomorrow
12. Lord of Darkness
13. Dreaming
14. Condemnation

"This debut is a record that every music lover should own and hence the fact that we didn’t say “every goth”.
There are so many classics on here to sum up: “Condemnation”, their cover from Death In June’s “Fall Apart”, “Secrets Within”, “Black Roses” or “Suicide” (a person who can keep his eyes dry on this is just made of steel!).
On the bonus disc you got your “unknown stuff”, even it already has been released once on Apollyon Records and among that you’ll find their very first single “Why”.
Should every Ikon-fan buy this record again? Well, I’ll leave that up to you to decide but for those who are unfamiliar with their stuff, we only have one thing to tell: classic with a capital C!"  - Peek-a-Boo magazine


Produced and compiled by Chris McCarter.
Remastered by Adam Calaitzis.
Band line-up: Michael Carrodus, Chris McCarter, Dino Molinaro.

EZ11C597- Echozone, 2-CD jewel case
ITSOACD4- Nile Records, Australia,
3-CD + 1 DVD fold out pack

PYLON 020 - Pylon Records, USA, coloured vinyl (blue, red, yellow) + bonus CD with exclusive material