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In the Shadow of the Angel (November 1994)


1. Condemnation
2. Lord of Darkness
3. Secrets Within
4. Fall Apart
5. Hallowed Ground
6. Black Roses
7. I’ve Been
8. Distant Memory
9. Truth
10. Suicide
11. Love is Colder than Death
12. In the Shadow of the Angel

"A remarkably well-produced disc, the second from Melbourne-type persons, Ikon, and a vast improvement on the first. A great bass sound and some adventurous arrangements for a drummerless three-piece. Amazing what can be achieved with a good sequencer.

The sound is that familiar darkness we all love, the one with the chorusy guitars and the testerone-tweaked baritone, and the album is quite appealing at first listen. Second listen, unfortunately, alerts the mind to a lyric or two, all of which adhere to the Wayne Hussey school of Borrow from the Bard and Bible. If you can cope with the lyrics of, say, Ian Astbury, and have never wished Rosetta Stone sang in Croatian, then Support Local Music and buy the damn thing." - Ex Cathedra, December 1994

"Ikon is a good Australian guitar gothic band who are expressing themselves with an original flair and are forging their own path in the realm of Neo-Gothic music. The songs are relatively fast and upbeat rather than gloomy and the vocals are bereft of any traces of Murphy, Eldritch or Williams et al.. Though their music stands alone on its own merits, I'm afraid I fell victim to a damn good rendition of one of my favorite Death in June tracks."- review in unknown American magazine
Produced by Chris McCarter.
Engineered and mixed by Adam Calaitzis.
Band line-up: Michael Carrodus, Chris McCarter, Dino Molinaro.

IKON originally went into the studio to record a split single with Sydney band Lemon Avenue. The tracks were 'Lord of Darkness' and 'Hallowed Ground'. The band ended up recording close to 20 songs over a couple of weeks, but the deal to create the 7" fell through. David Sterry (of Australian band Real Life) had a great photograph of a headless angel that he had taken at the Melbourne General Cemetery in 1993, and from that time Chris knew that the first IKON album was going to be called In the Shadow of the Angel.

Apo CD 94011 - Apollyon, Germany, 1-CD jewel case
MET 062 - Metropolis, United States, 1-CD jewel case (released in 1996)