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Flowers for the Gathering (April 1996)

1. Persuasion
2. Somewhere Else
3. Life Without End
4. Stranger I've Become
5. Into Your Madness
6. Camouflage Heart
7. In Trust I Return
8. Beyond Grey Skies
9. Call of Despair
10. On the Trail of Tears
11. For Eternity

Metropolis Records promo sheet
"Australia's Ikon embodies this vision of loneliness and despair: somber synths playing like strings along the strummed chords of the guitar, the weeping refrains of the bass, the strong but not overpowering pulse of the drum programs, and the melancholy lament of the singer.

Ikon plays their dark brand of rock much along the same line as bands such as Rosetta Stone, Eldritch's Sisters of Mercy and the Mission UK. However, don't let similarities deceive you into thinking they are but clones, Ikon have clearly established their own identity."

"Lead vocalist Michael Carrodus has a voice akin to Ian Curtis, which is quite a refreshing influence to hear. Musically, however, Ikon breathe more freely and flowingly than Joy Division ever did, being more up-beat whilst managing to retain a Gothic feel. [...] In addition to this, the guitar playing and bass lines produced by this group are of an exemplary and rare standard."- Nick Nedzynski (unknown magazine)

Produced by Chris McCarter.
Engineered and mixed by Adam Calaitzis.
Band line-up: Michael Carrodus, Chris McCarter, Dino Molinaro.

During the writing of Flowers for the Gathering, Chris was conscious of not wanting to make another version of In the Shadow of the Angel and of wishing to distance the band from frequent comparisons to Joy Division. By late 1994, IKON had already been trying out new songs live such as 'Towards Tomorrow', 'Betrayal' and 'Your Obsession', but Chris wasn't happy with the results. Friend Sandro Barbagello encouraged Chris to start programming on computers, not on his old drum machine. Chris dug up an old song written in 1992, 'For Eternity', which had some timing changes created by Maurice that he had not previously been able to reproduce. This was one of the the main turning points in IKON's songwriting process. Shortly after, Chris bought his own sequencer and keyboard and felt he was finding the right path on the track 'Life Without End' (on which teh drums were inspired by the Tears for Fears track 'Everbody Wants to Rule the World'). Recorded in 1995 over two to three sessions, Chris had finally hit his mark and the material was changing to a more atmospheric sound concentrating more on layered strings and acoustic guitars.

The album had a different working title (something like 'The Burning Candle'!) until Chris was shown some artwork created by Liam Harrison for the A Moment in Time compilation CD, which he felt would be better suited to the album cover and for obvious reasons lead to the title Flowers for the Gathering. The band took their first colour photo shoot at the mysterious Hanging Rock, just outside of Melbourne, to fit in which Liam's artwork.

 Apo CD 96026 - Apollyon, Germany, 1-CD  jewel case
 Apo CD 96026/ NRE 01 - Apollyon, Germany  digipac
 MET054- Metropolis, United States, 1-CD
 NILE005 - Nile Records, Australia, 2-CD  jewel case