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This Quiet Earth (June 1998)

1. Departure
2. Subversion
3. Loving the Enemy
4. Temple of Light
5. Ghost in My Head
6. In Faith
7. My Shadow of Selfishness
8. The Shattered Mirror
9. A Day That Past
10. Voice of the Sun
11. Beginning of the End
12. Die Stille Erd

"With "This Quiet Earth", Ikon becomes a full fledged Darkwave band, complete with electronic pianos and lush atmospheres. The predominant guitar of old takes a back step to the programming and bass and is relegated to a rhythm instrument.
... Ikon does a wonderful job of shaking their musical influences and growing into a sound that is all their own. I just wish more Gothic bands could learn that lesson." -Sonic Boom

"Chris McCarter has taken over the vocal responsibility of Ikon, bringing a breath of fresh air into this Australian electro/goth outfit. [...] 'Subversion' is a nice segue between the Ikon of old and the Ikon of new."

Produced, engineered, recorded and mixed by Chris McCarter.
Band line-up: Chris McCarter, Dino Molinaro.

Though Michael Carrodus (Aliani) departed the band in late 1997, this had little affect on the direction of The Quiet Earth. Chris McCarter had already been working on the music for the album since 1996 and was becoming increasingly agitated with the continual comparisons made between IKON and Joy Division. To highlight his own talents as a songwriter, McCarter sought to break the album up into rock, electronic and ambient elements. Initially, some fans were unsettled by the departure of Carrodus and the change in direction, but ultimately saw the album as an evolution of the band. 'Subversion' and 'Ghost in My Head', with their more electronic sensibilities, became popular club hits, with the latter single reaching number 3 on the Deutsche Alternative Charts.

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 Limited edition bonus CD:
 The Shattered Mirror | Victim of Hate | With or  Without You | Weisse Rosen | Far Behind |  Under the Sea Dome

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