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On the Edge of Forever (March 2001)

1. King of Terror
2. The Shallow Sea
3. Wheels in Motion
4. Stone Frailty
5. Fineline
6. Apparition
7. The Wish
8. An Act of Fate
9. Blue Snow Red Rain
10. Distance
11. Afterlife
12. World Beneath the Sand

'Clocking in at over fifty minutes of preeminent goth rock, On the Edge of Forever is as curious as the Sphinx and prying as the thieves of Giza. While inspired from onset to conclusion, the treasure in my mind is just before the finish of the disc. "Afterlife" and "World Beneath the Sand" are positioned so perfectly as closing tracks, Imhotep's architectural prowess could not have placed them any better.' 
-Chronicles of Chaos

"I was quick to dismiss this band as just another run-of-the-mill goth band when I reviewed their last CD This Quiet Earth. Maybe I need to give it another chance, because their latest release On the Edge of Forever is a solid goth/rock album that has its sounded moulded from several prominent eighties acts (The Sisters, Joy Division, The Mission etc.) but still retains a nice, modern vibe that does not sound dated in the least.
This CD was a real treat. Everything from the Egyptian hierogrlyphics that decorate the CD booklet to the great production. And let's not forget the music. Many of the songs can hold their own in a club, and for fans of more gothic material, it provides them with a nice change of pace from the techno industrial sound, but showing them that this style of music is still thriving. If Ikon has any say so in the matter, it will continue to do so for some time to come."
- Movement Magazine

Produced by Chris McCarter.
Engineered and mixed by: Adam Calaitzis.
Band line-up: Chris McCarter, Dino Molinaro, David Burns and Anthony Griffiths.

Work on new songs started not long after the release of
This Quiet Earth
. While watching the remake of Village of
the Damned
, starring Christopher Reeve, Chris heard the line "it's just like blue snow, red rain" and the first track of the album was born. This was the first IKON material to include live drums since the early 1990s. Between 1998 and 2000, Chris had written quite a few new songs and the line-up was the strongest it had ever been.

The album session, however, were rushed and the songs were not well rehearsed leading up to the recording. The band had to decide on a single before the album was complete, and Chris felt that this left the band short of material. On the last day of mixing, the band had only eleven songs finished and needed one more. While Chris was waiting for Dino to bring some beers to the studio, the final track 'World Beneath the Sand' was written and recorded in about an hour. Time had run out.

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