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Destroying the World to Save It (May 2005)

1. Never Forgive! Never Forget!
2. The Dying Crown
3. Without Shadows
4. God Has Fallen from the Sky
5. Psychic Vampire
6. Father of Lies
7. Ashes of Blue
8. Rome
9. My Crucible
10. Heresy
11. Slaughter (For the Glory of Christ and the King)
12. Path of the Unknown
13. The Black Goat of Judas

Limited edition bonus CD
1. Psychic Vampire (Full Moon remix)
2. Ashes of Blue (acoustic version)
3. Afterlife (live version)
4. Condemnation (live version)
5. Path of the Unknown (remix)
6. Without Shadows (extended version)
7. God Has Fallen from the Sky (live)
8. Ghose in my Head (live)
9. Slaughter (acoustic version)
10. Black Goat of Judas
11. My Crucible (Toyland remix)
12. King of Terror (live)
13. Burning Desire (live)

Album chart positions

Number 25: World DJ Native 25 Charts for Best Album of 2005.

Number 8: Native 25 Album Charts debut position (ahread of Audioslave, Arcade Fire, New Order, Billy Idol, Moby and Garbage).


"This is a formidable collection of magnificent music which makes Goth accessible to those might normally shy or turn away, while appealing to Goths right across the board with its inflamed misery and hard-hitting songs. It’s an album you will return to regularly until it becomes a staple part of your collection and you will rely upon, but the surprising thing is that despite its obvious excellence there’s a fundamental sense of modesty about Ikon. 

I simply can’t recommend it highly enough, but I’ll get a ladder anyway."-Mick Mercer

"This album is probably the most powerful and dynamic album to date by this group. It is also more aggressive in content and musical style with grinding guitars and driving percussion kicking off right from the start with the anthem-like "Never Forgive! Never Forget!"
-Gothic Paradise

Produced by Chris McCarter and Adam Calaitzis.
Engineered and mixed by: Adam Calaitzis.
Band line-up: Chris McCarter, Dino Molinaro and Clifford Ennis.
Guest vocals on 'Ashes of Blue' and 'Slaughter' by Louisa John-Krol.
Guest vocals on 'Rome' and 'Black Goat of Judas' by Roberto Massaglia.
Guest vocals on 'Rome' by Dave Foreman.

Work began on Destroying the World to Save It just before IKON began their first European tour in July 2001. By 2002, there were already new songs in the IKON set such as 'The Dying Crown', 'Without Shadows', and 'Heresy'. IKON had now developed a strong live sound and drummer David Burns was becoming more confident in playing with backing tracks, which enabled Chris to incorporate more effects and loops into the new sound. By late 2002, the band had around 15 new songs and planned to release a new album in 2003. However, feeling a little let down by their record label, Chris decided to put the album on hold.

The 2003 'From Angels to Ashes' tour saw the live debut of 'Never Forgive, Never Forget!", 'Psychic Vampire' and 'God Has Fallen from the Sky'. With the disintegration of the live band after this tour, Chris convinced Clifford Ennis to join the band and continued writing new tracks. Signing to Equinoxe Records in Germany in 2004 for the release of 'Psychic Vampire' gave the band a fresh start. Chris felt that he needed to broaden his horizons and came into contact with musician Louisa John-Krol. Chris was so impressed with her voice that he wrote two songs especially for her to work on, 'Ashes of Blue' (which remains one of Chris's favourite songs) and 'Slaughter'. Chris had also become friends with Dave Foreman and Roberto Massaglia from Melbourne band Tankt and wanted to work with them (they contributed vocals to 'Rome', with Roberto contributing vocals in Latin to 'Black Goat of Judas', which Chris wrote to try to fit the words 'Judas', 'goat' and 'black' into a song title).

EQ 017- Equinoxe, Germany, 2-CD digipac
EQ017/NIL016- Equinoxe, Germany, jewel case 2-CD
SSR-005- Static Sky, United States, 1-CD jewel case
SPR018- Shadowplay, Russia, 1-CD jewel case with exclusive bonus tracks
(Without Shadows (acoustic) | Path of the Unknown (Clifford vocals) | The Black Goat of Judas (original version) | Heresy (demo version)