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Love, Hate and Sorrow (September 2009)

1. A Line on a Dark Day
2. Before the Dawn
3. Torn Apart
4. Memoirs of a Butterfly
5. Winter Mourning
6. Beautiful Sadness
7.Amongst the Runes
8. Love, Hate and Sorrow
9. Dead Man Tomorrow
10. All Depths of Despair
11. Point of No Return
12. Driftwood

Bonus acoustic disc:
1. Hindsight
2. Amongst the Runes
3. Driftwood
4. Broken Windows
5. Calm Before the Storm
6. Memoirs of a Butterfly
7. Torn Apart
8. Beautiful Sadness
9. Stalag 13
10. Love, Hate and Sorrow

‘I was concerned about fans’ reactions [to Love, Hate and Sorrow] but I had felt that, for my own personal sake, I needed to explore using melody and perhaps not overlook songs I would not have put forward as IKON songs in the past. For instance, I would have used ‘A Line on a Dark Day’ as a b-side due to thinking it too melodic. ‘Torn Apart’ we tried to make “darker”, but it worked best the way it originally came out.’
Chris McCarter, FIEND Magazine

"... the long-player´s soundscape appeared to me like an inspiring and energizing combination of JOY DIVISION, U2, THE MISSION and SISTERS OF MERCY. Thus, fans of those bands could relish this atmospheric and melancholic piece of work."- Reflections of Darkness

"Fans of really good classic wave and gothic rock like Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy and Clan of Xymox have already bought this album. Love, Hate and Sorrow is an excellent album."

Produced by Chris McCarter and Adam Calaitzis.
Engineered and mixed by Adam Calaitzis.
Band line-up: Chris McCarter, Dino Molinaro.

Recording for the album began in July 2006 and continued for over three years, meaning that more time and money was spent making Love, Hate and Sorrow than any previous IKON release. Almost 30 songs were recorded in the album sessions, and Chris now regrets that he did not break these songs up into two separate albums instead of producing lavish EPs with an abundance of extra material. Chris was determined to make this the best IKON album to date and spent a huge amount of time with Adam Calaitzis to refine the songs. Moreover, quite a few songs were written in the studio, as Chris turned away from making endless home demos as he had done in the past. The standout track 'A Line on a Dark Day' was originally written as a b-side. Chris feels that this is the most complete and polished IKON album ever, and on future releases does not wish to repeat this method. The band feels that there is a strong connection between Psychic Vampire, Destroying the World to Save It and Love, Hate and Sorrow. On all three releases, Adam Calaitzis played a major role in recording and co-production with Chris.

APO CD 29069- Apollyon, Germany, 2-CD digipac
Vendetta Music, US digital release
NIL0911- Nile Records, 2-CD jewel case