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IKON website download compilation CD releases

Out of the Dark, the fifth IKON download compilation is now for available on our merchandise page.

Friends of the Dead, the fourth IKON website compilation, contains demos for Love, Hate and Sorrow.

Echoes of an Angel,
the third IKON website compilation.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams:
Volume 2, Live in Marseille
was made available in a limited-edition digipak of 100 copies.

 Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Volume 1 was released in a signed, limited-edition of 100 copies.



IKON website mp3 download compilation:
(new material not included on the deluxe re-issue)

8-track demos from 1995-1996

1. Persuasion
2. Beyond Grey Skies
3. Camouflage Heart
4. In Trust I Return
5. Inbetween
6. Into your Madness
7. Life without End (instrumental)
8. On the Trail of Tears
9. Sleepless (electro)
10. Sleepless (instrumental)
11. Somewhere Else (electro)
12. Still Remains
13. The Empty World
14. Touch the Eyes of Blindness (instrumental)
15. Everlasting (rough instrumental)
16. Unspoken (instrumental)




Various MP3 downloads

(from the EP League of Nations released in 2007)

Father of Lies
(from the album Destroying the World to Save It released in 2005)

I Never Wanted You
(from the EP Psychic Vampire released in 2004)

Blue Snow Red Rain
(from the album On the Edge of Forever, released in 2001)

The Golden Dawn
(exclusive track from the From Angels to Ashes 1997-2003 compilation)